Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Halloween 2015 we lost our best friend, Morgan, better known to some who pass through this blog as GRUT! He was stolen from us during a night out in town. He had been out watching his beloved home football team in the day and visiting our favorite local pubs. We would like to say a massive thankyou to all the writers putting his name up and painting GRUT pieces, his friends and family are so truly stoked for the support. If you would like Grut/Morgan Forever stickers please get in touch. 
Keep Grut up.

So I just uploaded loads of Grut's but theres too many to choose from, take a scroll through the blog to see Morgans photos. Ill leave you with Morgans last painting - October 2015. So glad this day happened.. We just miss our friend, our crew mate, our brother so much.

After the attack Morgans wallet and phone was stolen during the wait for paramedics & police to arrive at the scene. Unfortunately there are so many memories now been taken away from his family and friends - photos, videos, music were stored on his MacBook. Morgan was not only a graffiti artist but a very talented musician and we are now unable to listen to the music he produced - 
Apple are refusing us access!!
Please read and share. Lets make a stand!

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  1. One love grut.
    Maybe we should just all get together head to the apple shops and just linger round the entrances blocking them bit like them blocking access to the laptop